Taking Care of Your Health in the New Year
By: Dr. Richard Marietta

We all know after the hustle, bustle and joys of the holiday season, some of us tend to gain a few extra pounds and inches around the waste (myself included). With a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. We decide it is time to flip a switch and become healthier.

It’s smart to be evaluated before you start going to the gym and eating more fruits and veggies. We must know where we are – to know where we want to be. Evaluating and goal setting is the best way to be successful in the New Year.

1. What is the first step to becoming healthier in the New Year?
Get established with a primary care or internal medicine physician. The first step to becoming healthier is to evaluate where you are currently. A physical and lab work will give a good frame work of your current health. With this information, you and your physician can work together to plan where you need to be and what steps are needed to get there.

2. Other than a physical and lab work what other tests are beneficial?
Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems (TGC) has a program called, My Heart Health, which is a great way to further evaluate your heart health. My Heart Health is a 3-pronged program that identifies the presence of heart and vascular disease, identifies modifiable risk factors, and creates an individualized plan of attack to reduce a patient’s risk, based on metabolic measurements taken.

After this 3-pronged assessment, your follow-up will include a visit with your physician, and the My Heart Health fit coach, who will provide you with an individualized plan to eliminate the guesswork of weight loss. Ask your TGC physician at your next appointment or call 281.724.0267 to get more information about the program.

3. What is important to think about when choosing the right physician?
It is good to feel comfortable around your physician, to know that they are as invested in your health as you. It is good to also have access to some of the best health care in the area. It is smart to see a physician who is part of a coordinated care network.

4. What is a Coordinated Care Network?
Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems has teamed up with a network of skilled physicians, surgeons and Bay Area Regional Medical Center to provide better, more coordinated care for you and your family. Our collaborative team is focused on providing exceptional care every day, whether it’s with one of our primary care physicians, a specialist or at the hospital. When you stay in the coordinated care network, we are able to provide more efficient patient care and more effective diagnosis and treatment(s) options. You can’t do it alone. It is best to have a strong team around you want to reach your goals. Let Texas Gulf Coast Medical Systems be on your team in 2017.

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